Why Choose Glenview Finance?

We understand you have many options when looking for a capital provider for your dealership. Here are just a few ways Glenview Auto Finance stands above the competition.

  • We Pay Higher Prices for Installment Contracts
  • Dealer Continues Servicing the Installment Contracts
  • Dealer Maintains Relationship with their customer
  • Dealer Uses Their Own DMS
  • Dealer Exclusivity Is NOT Required
  • Dealer will generate Larger Up Front Profits
  • Glenview purchases in groups of contracts and on an individual basis

When it comes to doing business, we’re also looking for the right partners. See below to determine if your dealership is a good fit for us by knowing the key features in the contracts we buy:

  • APR of 18-29%
  • Buyer down payment of about 20% of vehicle sale price
  • Contract term of up 36 months
  • Vehicle age of up to 10 years
  • Mileage of up to 150,000
  • Buyer has adequate collision/theft insurance on vehicle
  • GPS is installed on every vehicle